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Treatment for Plastic Surgery

Before surgery:

Meal plan according to your needs (it will depend on whether you should lose weight before surgery or only maintain body weight) so you have a better nutritional state on the day of the procedure.

After surgery:

For abdominoplasty it is recommended to consume a diet rich in fiber to increase intestinal transit and avoid constipation, as well as avoid foods that produce gases (cabbage, broccoli, cucumber, legumes, etc.) and soft drinks.

For liposuction it is important to drink enough fluids to replace losses during the procedure, as well as adequate consumption of rich in protein foods to replace tissues.

It is important to have a balanced and personalized diet, that is, according to the energy needs and tastes of each patient, to preserve the results.

It is necessary to adapt a healthy lifestyle, that is, an adequate diet, quality sleep and exercise.


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