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How to choose my plastic surgeon in Mexico? (Second part)

If the plastic surgeon has the academic training and the corresponding Mexican certifications, there is no doubt that he is a good option to choose, however, there are three more factors necessary to make this decision.

3 Hospital:

The facilities in which surgical or outpatient procedures will be carried out must be safe, with trained personnel and with the technology or means to resolve medical emergency situations. Although the norms in the health sector may differ from one country to another, they all coincide that the hospital must be certified, and in Mexico it is no exception, the hospital must be certified by the Mexican Council of General Health or be a specialist center in Plastic surgery.

4 Rating:

Each consultation is different; however, it is important that the specialist provides a prior assessment consultation where they give sufficient and clear information about the procedures chosen by the patient. It is the perfect opportunity to express to the surgeon the needs and expectations to know if they are an ideal candidate, to know the risks, preoperative studies, pre and postoperative care or recommendations. In this consultation, you should ask any questions you have, no matter how simple they are, then suggest some questions:

· Can surgical procedures be combined?

· What are the postoperative recommendations?

· How long is the recovery time?

· How long will it take to see the final results?

If the specialist does not provide or request an evaluation consultation, do it yourself, otherwise continue with your search, as it is not a good option.

5 Connection:

In the assessment consultation, embarrassment or shame should be set aside, since it is the ideal time for the doctor to know the patient's wishes and there is the necessary communication so that the specialist can say what the possible results are.

It is at this moment where the patient will realize if the results coincide with their wishes, whether they are natural or something more defined or exaggerated. The connection with the surgeon is important, so the patient must be satisfied with the information that he or she provided and feel confident to choose their specialist.

Remember to take your time, it is your body, do not feel under any pressure to make your choice quickly!

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